Darton College

SACS Compliance Certification Committees

Steering Committee
Dr. Ulf Kirchdorfer - Chair ulf.kirchdorfer@darton.edu
Mr. Preston Sweet - Chair preston.sweet@darton.edu
Mr. Stan Brown stan.brown@darton.edu
Mr. Tracy Cosper tracy.cosper@darton.edu
Renita Luck renita.luck@darton.edu
Dr. Deena Newman deena.newman@darton.edu
Mr. Eric O'Cain eric.ocain@darton.edu
Ms. Elizabeth Gassel Perkins elizabeth.perkins@darton.edu
Dr. April Reese april.reese@darton.edu
Ms. Mary Washington mary.washington@darton.edu
Core Requirements
Ms. Caryl Nemajovsky - Chair caryl.nemajovsky@darton.edu
Mr. Ed Bagley edward.bagley@darton.edu
Dr. Richard Balsley rich.balsley@darton.edu
Mr. Tracy Cosper tracy.cosper@darton.edu
Ms. Carol Ann Ham carolann.ham@darton.edu
Ms. Simonee Patton simonee.patton@darton.edu
Dr. Sharon Sewell sharon.sewell@darton.edu
Ms. Jennifer Strickland jennifer.strickland@darton.edu
Ms. Tracy Suber tracy.suber@darton.edu
Mr. Doug Wyatt doug.wyatt@darton.edu
Comprehensive Standards
Dr. Deena Newman - Chair deena.newman@darton.edu
Ms. Tanya Anderson tanya.anderson@darton.edu
Mr. Stan Brown stan.brown@darton.edu
Ms. Shani Clark shani.clark@darton.edu
Ms. Caroline Fielding caroline.fielding@darton.edu
Mr. Lee Howell lee.howell@darton.edu
Mr. Mike Kiefer michael.kiefer@darton.edu
Dr. Mike May michael.may@darton.edu
Mr. Frank Malinowski frank.malinowski@darton.edu
Mr. Carl Sagasser carl.sagasser@darton.edu
Ms. Beth Tison beth.tison@darton.edu
Ms. Mary Washington mary.washington@darton.edu
Mr. Michael White michael.white@darton.edu
Federal Requirements
Mr. Eric O'Cain - Chair eric.ocain@darton.edu
Ms. Susan Bowen susan.bowen@darton.edu
Mr. Blake Cook russell.cook@darton.edu
Ms. Haley Hooks haley.hooks@darton.edu
Mr. Michael Harbuck james.harbuck@darton.edu
Mr. Aaron Johnson aaron.johnson.1@darton.edu
Mr. Roger Marietta roger.marietta@darton.edu
Ms. Debbie Sawyer debbie.sawyer@darton.edu
Ms. Elizabeth Gassel Perkins -Chair elizabeth.perkins@darton.edu
Mr. Darryn Ostrander darryn.ostrander@darton.edu
Mr. Preston Sweet preston.sweet@darton.edu
Dr. Alan Zhang alan.zhang@darton.edu


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