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SACS Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Committees

Steering Committee
Ms. Wendy Kennedy - Chair wendy.kennedy@darton.edu
Ms. Elizabeth Gassel Perkins-Chair elizabeth.perkins@darton.edu
Dr. Gary Barnette gary.barnette@darton.edu
Dr. Ulf Kirchdorfer ulf.kirchdorfer@darton.edu
Mr. Preston Sweet preston.sweet@darton.edu
Ms. Caryl Nemajovsky caryl.nemajovsky@darton.edu
Mr. Stan Brown stan.brown@darton.edu
Mr. Brian Perkins brian.perkins@darton.edu
Amy Foster amy.foster@darton.edu
Ms. Renita Luck renita.luck@darton.edu
Dr. James Barker jamie.barker@darton.edu
Mr. Jim Yates james.yates@darton.edu
Mr. Larry Anderson larry.anderson@darton.edu
Dr. Rich Balsley rich.balsley@darton.edu
Mr. Frank Malinowski frank.malinowski@darton.edu
Ms. Gwendolyn Barker gwendolyn.barker@darton.edu
Ms. Tracy Suber tracy.suber@darton.edu
Literature Review
Ms. Caryl Nemajovsky - Chair caryl.nemajovsky@darton.edu
Dr. James Barker - Asst. Chair jamie.barker@darton.edu
Dr. Sarah Kuck sarah.kuck@darton.edu
Dr. Josie Moore josie.moore@darton.edu
Mr. Matt Brown madison.brown@darton.edu
Mr. Jonathan Smith jonathan.smith.1@darton.edu
Ms. Tonya Wright tonya.wright.1@darton.edu
Mr. Doug Wyatt doug.wyatt@darton.edu
Mr. Stan Brown -Chair stan.brown@darton.edu
Mr. Jim Yates - Asst. Chair james.yates@darton.edu
Mr. Preston Sweet preston.sweet@darton.edu
Mr. Michael Ferguson michael.ferguson@darton.edu
Ms. Jennifer Strickland jennifer.strickland@darton.edu
Ms. Gail Apperson gail.apperson@darton.edu
Ms. Teresa Pearce teresa.pearce@darton.edu
Mr. Justin Huff justin.huff@darton.edu
Ms. Epsey Bryant epesy.bryant@darton.edu
Mr. Brian Perkins - Chair brian.perkins@darton.edu
Mr. Larry Anderson - Asst. Chair larry.anderson@darton.edu
Mr. Andrew Lenard andrew.lenard@darton.edu
Mr. Patrick Carter patrick.carter@darton.edu
Ms. Gwendolyn Barker gwendolyn.barker@darton.edu
Mr. Larry Smith larry.smith.1@darton.edu
Mr. David Mann david.mann@darton.edu
Mr. Aaron Johnson aaron.johnson.1@darton.edu
Ms. Deanna Radford deanna.radford@darton.edu
Mr. Tracy Goode tracy.goode@darton.edu
Ms. Amanda Clements amanda.clements@darton.edu
Ms. Toni Smith toni.smith.1@darton.edu
Assessment and Review
Amy Foster - Chair amy.foster@darton.edu
Dr. Rich Balsley - Asst. Chair rich.balsley@darton.edu
Mr. Steve Preston steven.preston@darton.edu
Pat Ridgeway gloria.ridgeway@darton.edu
Dr. Sheila Thomas sheila.thomas.1@darton.edu
Ms. Marjorie Carden marjorie.carden@darton.edu
Ms. Mandy Hamner amanda.hamner@darton.edu
Ms. Cheryl Lucas cheryl.lucas@darton.edu
Mr. Anthony Williams anthony.williams.2@darton.edu
Professional Development
Ms. Renita Luck - Chair renita.luck@darton.edu
Mr. Frank Malinowski - Asst. Chair frank.malinowski@darton.edu
Ms. Tracy Suber tracy.suber@darton.edu
Ms. Kerri Johnson kerri.johnson@darton.edu
Ms. Tracy Jones-Darnell tracy.jones.1@darton.edu
Mr. Michael White michael.white@darton.edu
Ms. Simonee Patton simonee.patton@darton.edu
Ms. Ann Hobbs ann.hobbs@darton.edu
Ms. Alex Daughty alex.daughety@darton.edu


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