Darton College

SACS Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Sub-Committee

Chair and Support
Mr. Preston Sweet Chair preston.sweet@darton.edu
Mr. Darryn Ostrander Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator darryn.ostrander@darton.edu
Ms. Corrine Sweet Section 2.5 Support corrine.sweet@darton.edu
Ms. Cheryl Lucas Section 3.3.1 Support cheryl.lucas@darton.edu
Dr. Sheila Thomas Section 3.5.1 Support sheila.thomas.1@darton.edu
Administration/Educational Support (AES) Departments/Offices
Ms. Charlotte Murphy Office of the President charlotte.murphy@darton.edu
Ms. Kathy Haley Office of VP for Student Affairs kathy.haley@darton.edu
Ms. Beth Tison Office of VP for Academic Affairs beth.tison@darton.edu
Ms. Robbin Burriss Office of VP for Business and Finance robbin.burriss@darton.edu
Mr. John Michael Cassidy A.B.L.E Center  john.cassidy@darton.edu
Mr. Stan Brown Accounting stan.brown@darton.edu
Ms. Susan Bowen Admissions susan.bowen@darton.edu
Dr. Deena Newman Advising Center  deena.newman@darton.edu
Mr. Michael Kiefer Athletics michael.kiefer@darton.edu
Ms. Martha Snow Auxiliary Services martha.snow@darton.edu
Mr. Eric O'Cain Campus Life eric.ocain@darton.edu
Mr. Jason Swords Career Center jason.swords@darton.edu
Ms. Debbie Sawyer Cashier's Office debbie.sawyer@darton.edu
Mr. Larry Smith Channel 19 Television larry.smith.1@darton.edu
Ms. Soraya Kimbrel Child Care Resource/Referral of SWGA soraya.kimbrel@darton.edu
Mr. Michael White Continuing Education michael.white@darton.edu
Ms. Caroline Fielding Cordele Center caroline.fielding@darton.edu
Ms. Tanya Anderson Disability Services tanya.anderson@darton.edu
Mr. Don Bragg Distribution Center don.bragg@darton.edu
Ms. Wendy Wilson Diversity and Cultural Affairs wendy.wilson@darton.edu
Ms. Haley Hooks Financial Aid haley.hooks@darton.edu
Mr. Shigeru Tanaka Foreign Language Lab shigeru.tanaka@darton.edu
Mr. Preston Sweet FS/AID (Institutional Effectiveness) preston.sweet@darton.edu
Dr. Ulf Kirchdorfer Global Education ulf.kirchdorfer@darton.edu
Dr. Kathy Bishop Grants kathy.bishop@darton.edu
Mr. Clayton Watkins Housing and Residence Life clayton.watkins@darton.edu
Mr. Ronnie Henry Human Resources ronnie.henry@darton.edu
Mr. Tracy Goode Institutional Advancement tracy.goode@darton.edu
Dr. Rich Balsley Institutional Research  rich.balsley@darton.edu
Ms. Diana Garner International Student Program diana.garner@darton.edu
Ms. Caryl Nemajovsky Learning Resource Center caryl.nemajovsky@darton.edu
Mr. Taylor Wars Math Center taylor.wars@darton.edu
Mr. Ben Anderson Math Lab benjamin.anderson@darton.edu
Mr. Jeffrey Swords MESA jeffery.swords@darton.edu
Ms. Valerie L. McCarley Military Resource Center/Adult Education valerie.mccarley@darton.edu
Ms. Renita Luck Online Division renita.luck@darton.edu
Ms. Pam Coston Payroll pam.coston@darton.edu
Dr. Deena Newman Peer Tutoring deena.newman@darton.edu
Mr. Steve Harris Plant Operations steve.harris@darton.edu
Mr. James Brackin Public Safety james.brackin@darton.edu
Ms. Joy Causey Purchasing joy.causey@darton.edu
Ms. Joanne Mullis Reading Lab joanne.mullis@darton.edu
Ms. Betty Sue Story Recycling betty.story@darton.edu
Ms. Frances Carr Registrar & Records frances.carr@darton.edu
Mr. Blake Cook Servant Leadership russell.cook@darton.edu
Ms. Carol Ann Ham Student Success Program carolann.ham@darton.edu
Mr. Tracy Cosper Technology Sevices Division tracy.cosper@darton.edu
Ms. Debbie Beaty Testing Center deborah.beaty@darton.edu
Mr. Steve Preston Writing Center  steven.preston@darton.edu
Ms. Mary Lou Beasley Writing Lab mary.beasley@darton.edu
Academic Deans
Dr. Stacy Marshall Allied Health stacey.marshall@darton.edu
Ms. Wendy Kennedy Business and Social Science wendy.kennedy@darton.edu
Ms. Elizabeth Perkins Humanities and Learning Support elizabeth.perkins@darton.edu
Dr. April Reese Nursing april.reese@darton.edu
Mr. Michael Kiefer Physical Education michael.kiefer@darton.edu
Mr. Frank Malinowski Science and Math frank.malinowski@darton.edu
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment And Improvement Committee (Faculty)
Ms. Sarah Brinson Allied Health sarah.brinson@darton.edu
Ms. Yuliya Whittington Allied Health yuliya.whittington@darton.edu
Mr. Gene Behal Business eugene.behal@darton.edu
Mr. Jim Yates Business james.yates@darton.edu
Ms. Kristi Stimpson First Year Experience kristi.stimpson@darton.edu
Mr. Matt Brown Humanities madison.brown@darton.edu
Ms. Tina Burney Humanities tina.burney@darton.edu
Mr. Patrick Garner Humanities patrick.garner@darton.edu
Ms. Pat Ridegeway Learning Support gloria.ridgeway@darton.edu
Ms. Marjorie Carden Math marjorie.carden@darton.edu
Mr. Brad Young Math bradley.young@darton.edu
Ms. Cindy Lee Nursing cindy.lee@darton.edu
Ms. Molly Gilbert Physical Education  molly.gilbert@darton.edu
Mr. David Mann Physical Education  david.mann@darton.edu
Dr. Michael May Science michael.may@darton.edu
Dr. Alan Wilson Science alan.wilson@darton.edu
Mr. David Latona Social Science david.latona@darton.edu
Dr. Sheila Thomas Social Science sheila.thomas.1@darton.edu
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