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Time Line for Darton College Quality Enhancement Plan 2014

Topic Exploration, Selection, and Plan Development


To prepare for reaffirmation in 2014, the QEP Leadership will follow this timeline:

Survey of Darton College 2011 graduates—Launch of the exploration process for determining the topic for QEP 2014

Summer 2011—The Office of Institutional Research (IR) reviews data concerning direct and indirect measures of Darton College students’ learning; information is available in brief report for fall 2011.  The QEP Chairs develop presentations for faculty, staff and trustees regarding the QEP. Surveys are developed for each institutional constituent group (faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees) for dissemination during fall 2011.

September-November 15, 2011—Presentations are conducted with constituent groups and surveys are disseminated. The IR reviews the data gathered from the various groups and prepares a summary report. QEP Institutional Research sub-committee conducts focus groups and forums attended by other faculty members, students, staff, and administrators to gather data about student learning at Darton College.

November 15, 2011-January 31, 2012—QEP Literary Research sub-committee examines best practices and scholarly information concerning the top 3-5 topics identified as areas needing quality improvement and leading to improved student learning.

January 2012—Darton College Leadership Team attends SACSCOC orientation in Atlanta.

February 2012—QEP Leadership Team submits top 3-5 topics to the Senior Leadership Team to ensure the considered topics are financially sustainable for the institution.  The QEP Leadership Team determines the most effective manner for the faculty, students, staff, and advisory councils to identify the topic of QEP.

March 2012—The QEP 2014 topic is identified.  The QEP Marketing Team begins the marketing campaign that will inform the Darton College Community and the College’s constituents of the topic, how it was selected, and what we believe the benefits will be.

A QEP Development Team is identified, according to the selected topic.  QEP Leadership Team and newly selected Development Team begin a process for identifying the SACSCOC Lead Evaluator they will recommend to Senior Leadership Team.  The Lead Evaluator serves on the SACSCOC on-site committee that visits Darton College in fall 2013.

April 1, 2012-April 30, 2013—QEP Leadership Team and QEP Development Team prepare the QEP report and determine the methods for pilot implementation (Fall 2013 prior to on-site visit).  The QEP Development Team works with the QEP Leadership Team to identify the QEP Implementation Team.

July 26, 2013—College submits Quality Enhancement Plan to SACSCOC.

August 2013—Pilot implementation of QEP 2014

Fall 2013—SACSCOC on-site visit; committee reviews the QEP.  The College needs to show broad-based input and a broad-based process for determining the topic.

June 2014—SACSCOC reviews Darton College’s Reaffirmation of Accreditation.


*Grateful acknowledgment is made to the Richland College Time Line and process description.



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